How To Raise pH Level Without Raising Alkalinity

Managing your pool’s chemistry level is not a simple task as it demands lots of cleaning and maintenance activities. This also involves balancing the pH level of your pool. Although challenging, balancing the pH level of your pool is vital for the chemical to have a full effect over your pool.

Raise pH Level

Moreover, when handling your pool’s chemistry level, the biggest challenge that owners face is maintaining alkalinity while raising the pH level of their pool. These two factors are related to one another, and if any changes occur to one, it affects the other.

Now, when managing your pool, you test for the acidic and alkalinity levels of the pool. If your pool has a low pH level, the pool water is acidic and can cause severe damage to the user. If the pool water, on the other hand, has a high pH level, that means the water has a high alkaline level, which can also affect the effect of chlorine.

Furthermore, raising your pool’s pH level to your desired target is as important as the level of alkalinity of your pool. Therefore, we’re going to show you how to raise your pool’s pH level without increasing the alkalinity.

How to raise pH without raising alkalinity

  • Take the pH and Alkalinity reading

With your test kit, measure your pH and Alkalinity reading.

  • Set Alkalinity level target

After noting both levels, you can set an alkalinity target, so when you add acid, the alkalinity will not go more than the target. Whatever target you set would determine the quantity of acid used to achieve such a target.  With an online pool calculator, calculate the amount of acid to add to your pool to hit your alkalinity target.

  • Add acid

We are using muriatic acid to increase the pH level of our pool. After diluting the acid, add the calculated quantity to the pool.

  • Test for pH and Alkalinity level

Every six hours, test the pool for the pH and Alkalinity level. Measure the pool after 24 hours. You will find that the alkalinity hit the required target, but the pH level will need to be raised, and this would not affect the alkalinity.

  • Raise pH level with aeration

When you aerate a pool, you expose it to oxygen. This removes carbonic acid, thereby raising the pH level. You can also increase the rate of aeration with an air compressor.


This is the simple way of raising your pH level without raising alkalinity simultaneously. You can practice this and let us have your feedback.

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