Sun Shelf Pool Chairs

Each summer, new trends for swimming pools are provided to make swimming easy for users. However, one direction that refuses to be overshadowed by the latest trends in the sun shelf pool chairs. When this trend started, it was only exclusive to high-end resorts and hotels, but they have become quite popular that almost every pool has them.

Sun Shelf Pool Chairs

You may know the sun shelf pool chair by a different name, including a tanning shelf, a Baja shelf, or a tanning lounge. Whatever name it may bear, the sun shelf pool chair is a shallow, flat area where you keep in pool lounge chairs for sun shelves. This seat has become popular over the years that it can be found in both commercial and residential pools. It can be rightly placed in a sun shelf, which is a raised area of your pool that creates an insubstantial section of water that is less than one foot deep and can contain a few chairs or chaise lounges.

This trend is ideal for people who want to relax, tan, and read a book under the hot weather while they’re partially inside the water. Provide your family and friends enough comfort with the use of the sun shelf pool chair.

Types of Sun Shelf Pool Chair

After careful research of all the types of sun shelf pool chairs, wed have categorized the different types by their material and quality, and they are;

  • Plastic Resin Pool Chair

The plastic resin pool chair is a high-quality chair designed to stay in water for quite a while without damage. These qualities of chairs are provided by different brands and come with 100% plastic resin. It also has high-density polyethylene, which makes them durable for a long time even though they are lightweight.

  • Marine Grade Polymer pool chair

Another type of in-pool lounge chair for sun shelf is the marine grade chairs. This model of chair is made of high-density polyurethane and has properties of water resistance. They are quite more massive than the plastic resin pool chairs and are more potent. They are made to withstand the harsh conditions of your pool. You will enjoy months and years of relaxation without worrying about changing them.


If you want to make your pool more enjoyable, you should add a sun shelf pool chair. This will make your time in the pool worthwhile.

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