Baracuda G3 Advanced Suction-Side Pool Cleaner Review

New and Improved

The Baracuda G3 maintains the same high levels of cleaning and efficiency I have come to expect from the brand, but the G3 improves upon the existing designs. First, the G3 is heavier than previous versions, which means it stays submerged and can clean the floors and walls efficiently, without the annoying and loud sucking noise that other cleaners do. I am sure my neighbors are grateful for the upgrade, too.

Mobility is great

The G3 also moves quickly and does not get stuck in the corners or on steps like previous cleaners I have owned. It has no wheels – just a disc which is really inexpensive to replace. To that end, the G3 usually stays put on the pool surface, so it will not get stuck on lights, drain covers or other pool fittings that hamper the efficiency of other cleaners in its class.

Low Maintenance

It is incredibly low maintenance, which means anyone can use it – no need to call the pool guy. The G3 works with low-speed pumps, and is compatible with a variety of types of pumps in order to maximize power. I have a beautiful tree in my backyard, which means I usually have to contend with twigs and leaves on a daily basis cluttering my pool. The G3 will pick up the rocks, bugs and leaves that can leave your pool an unsightly mess with simply the push of a button – you can essentially turn it on, forget about it, and return to a pristine pool to enjoy with your family. Plus, the cleaner has a pool surface skimming option, which takes care of one of my least favorite aspects of pool maintenance.

Pool with the underwater vacuum cleaner.


I was also initially worried about the power of my pump, but the G3 is designed to work with pumps with lower horsepower, so I faced no problems there. This wasn’t true with cleaners I have used in the past. The G3 has a special valve that keeps water flow steady, even with lower-powered pumps.

I am not the most technically-savvy person, but I had no problems with installation or set up. It was really only two steps, and since my pool had already been set up for previous cleaners (including other version of the Baracuda), it was incredibly straightforward. Plus, because of its compact-size and simple design that it is fairly easy to maintain and will not cost an arm and a leg to fix in the event it needs it – no visit to the pool store or expert help needed. I have been able to fix any issues with these cleaners (from Baracuda) by myself, with products purchased on the Internet.

You do have to keep the filter clean, or it is not as efficient. Luckily, this product is really easy to clean, and once you do, it works like it just got out of the box. The filter does not require cleaning very often, but it’s a good rule of thumb to check the filter and hose regularly in any pool cleaner to ensure the product lasts a long time.

Incredible value

One of the best aspects of this product is the value. The price to purchase is competitive in general, and in fact, often much less expensive than some of the other, major brands. But the fact is, it actually ended up saving me money in the long run. It is so efficient at what it does, even on a low-speed pump, that we can run it for a few hours a day and it keeps the pool clean. I am using significantly less chlorine and pool product than I was before, and it does not use a massive amount of electricity. The best part is it requires less labor on my end to keep it clean and usable.

Works great for me

Sometimes, pool cleaners are hampered by the length of the hose or the size of the pool… not the G3. My pool is average-sized, but the G3 had no problem covering the entire surface of the floors and even climbed its way up walls – even on the low pump speed. It moves slowly but methodically, picking up most of the dirt and leaves that collect in the pool – which means less cleaning for me! The one problem I had initially was that it sometimes got hung up on the ladder. Luckily, our ladder is removable, so I really keep it out of the pool until we have to use it. Problem solved.

I’m feeling pretty confident about my purchase. I have used Baracuda products in the past, and they have all been great value. The last product I used from this company lasted nearly ten years, with minimal maintenance and repairs required from me. This factor, combined with its efficient cleaning, and great value (especially the savings on my utilities), assures me that this product is one of the best pool cleaners on the market.\

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